Narrow victory for Munkebo

Despite a reduced line-up managed Team Fjelsted to limit the defeat to 43-40 and rescue the bonus point, and the team leader is enthusiastic.


Munkebo Scorpions were going to build a solid lead as Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen (white) and Patrick Hougaard (yellow) joined Team Fjelsted into the fray again with a 1-5 victory over Danny King (blue) and Timo Lahti (red) in heat 8. (Photo: © John L. Hansen)

– I am happy and proud of the boys!
That was the surprising announcement from an enthusiastic team manager Morten Svendsen, after Team Fjelsted had seen beaten by Munkebo Scorpions in Wednesday’s away match.
Now Munkebo victory indeed so scant as 43-40, and Team Fjelsted could then take home with bonus point intact; but the bonus point was not the only reason for the team leader’s enthusiasm.

– I simply think that our team delivered an impressive performance – at least for the four Danish riders concerned, he explains. Munkebo were the big favorites, and nobody expected that we could win with an untested team with two D-drivers and more drivers who had never driven in Munkebo. I would even have sold the match for a worse outcome, so on that basis I am really happy to lose with only three points.

– Sometimes you can win a match and still have a feeling that it is not really satisfying. But tonight it was vice versa, explains Morten on. Although we lost; yet it feels like something to rejoice over, and I dare venture to assert that I am the happiest of the team leaders who returned home from the match tonight.


Patrick Hansen (yellow) and Frederik Jakobsen (white) followed with a 1-5 victory over Jason Jorgensen (blue) – after Anders Thomsen was overthrown and barred from re-run. (Photo: © John L. Hansen)

Morten is probably right, for it is easy to imagine that in Munkebo camp are slightly disappointed after the home side midway in the match was clearly heading for a victory of an entirely different dimension, just until Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Patrick Hougaard did inroads in Munkebo ‘lead with a 1-5 victory in heat 8, after which Patrick Hansen and Frederik Jakobsen made them imitate it in heat 9 and reduced the points difference to three points, which was also the evening’s performance.

It beats no fly in the team leader’s enthusiasm, the evening’s guest runs, Troy Batchelor, did not quite live up to its usual level:
– It was Batchelors first match with the team and even on an unknown and difficult track, so I feel no need to be dissatisfied, and I am quite sure that his efforts will be better when he runs for us again on Friday in Holstebro, he says.

By contrast, Morten far from happy with tonight’s track conditions, which include was a contributing factor to the disproportionate number of crashes on both sides, similar many restarts and so unusually large and long term services that it barely managed to complete the match before lygtetændingstid.

– Munkebo grumbled fiercely over the course of Fjelsted when they visited us in May. So it is directly embarrassing that they will be familiar even to put up with a track that is so bad that even experienced drivers characterizes it as directly dangerous. It goes well mostly that their own Danny King, who is an experienced English national team runs, crashed three times, Morten Svendsen.

Although These are all does not change the fact that the team leader is extremely pleased with the result of the match and very proud of its drivers.

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